Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Darling Baby Bonnet

A few weeks ago, my husband bought me a sewing machine and since then I've been busily getting to know my way around it. Luckily, I have two beautiful little models to sew for! One of the first projects I tackled was a baby bonnet. I found a tutorial online that seemed simple, read it about a thousand times, pressed EVERYTHING, and dove in!

Here is the tutorial I followed. It was incredibly easy to follow, and the pictures are fabulous for you visual learners (like me)!
The Cottage Home Ruffle Bonnet Tutorial

I ended up making two bonnets for my little Katie Marie- one for her 4th of July outfit (and our family trip to Nashville) and one more just because. Here they are:

I followed the tutorial fairly closely. I did, however make a few tiny changes. With the first bonnet, the "Americana" patterned one, I was too intimidated to make my own ruffle so I bought one and sewed it in as directed. With the second bonnet, the blue floral, I was too lazy to make my own tie straps, so I bought a pretty pink sheer ribbon and used that. Either way, it was a cinch to make and took me a total of about 1.5 to 2 hours per bonnet (and most of that with a crazy toddler and teething baby running around)! Now I'm off to make a ton more!!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cute "Spooning" Wall Art

Lately I've been noticing lots of white-on-white canvas art on Pinterest, along with a few cute prints featuring spoons. So, since it was a rainy afternoon and I had some free time, I decided to combine the two! What resulted was some really cute (and EASY!)  wall art- perfect for an anniversary or wedding gift.

So here's how I did it:

I went to my neighborhood craft store and bought an 8x 10 canvas, some Gorilla Glue, spray paint, and wooden letter cutouts. I've seen this done with foam letters, but the wooden ones were on clearance, so wood it was!
I laid my canvas out and fiddled with the wooden letters until I liked the arrangement. Once I did, I glued them in place with my trusty Gorilla Glue.

Then, I took the whole thing outside and spray painted it glossy white.

While that dried, I chose my spoons. I liked the idea of a big spoon and a little spoon, so I searched my kitchen until I found the perfect, mismatched pair. Once I did, I sprayed them with metallic silver paint.  After they dried, I made the decision to spray my little spoon with a silver glitter spray. Because...well, does anyone really need an excuse to add some glitter?

Once everything had dried overnight, I used my Gorilla Glue to attach the spoons onto the canvas.

After about an hour, I added some picture-hanging hardware, some ribbon, and stepped back to admire it! I can't wait to give it to my friend who is visiting this weekend. :)

What do you think?? I LOVE how it turned out!!!


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