Sunday, June 16, 2013

22nd Annual Sidewalk Antique & Vintage Show- Hendersonville, NC

It was a beautiful morning in Western North Carolina yesterday, so my girls and I decided to head south to Hendersonville to do some antiquing. We had a blast, and found some really great treasures in the process!

Hendersonville is a cute town of about 13,000 and a very quick drive from our apartment in Asheville. It's got great little restaurants and locally-owned shops, and a darling Main Street that's great for a stroll on a sunny day.
The historic Henderson County Courthouse- currently home to the county's heritage museum. 

The downtown area was packed with people today for the antique show, but we were able to find parking fairly quickly and get right into finding some great vintage items! Both sides of Main Street were lined with booths just full of great things ranging from large pieces of furniture to estate jewelry. I had my eye on some antique (and HUGE) metal automotive ads, but a.) I wasn't sure how I'd get one of those babies home to California, and b.) they were the teensiest bit out of my price range. ;-)
Beautiful Main Street in Hendersonville

Checking out one of the many booths at the show

So many beautiful things!

Had to take a picture of the vintage guns for my husband. (I WANTED that old lunch counter sign in the background, but my kids have to eat at some point during the next year)

My intrepid shopping team

Boy, did I find some amazing things! After about an hour of walking around and meeting some amazing vendors, this is what I scored:

I bought a beautiful twin-sized quilt, a matching set of "Southern Belle" embroidered pillow cases, a rhinestone brooch and a pretty amazing piece of metal wall art. Not bad for a grand total of $82 (and that includes the purchase of a giant caramel apple for the girls and me)! 

Here are some detail pictures of what I bought at the fair:
A beautiful, hand-sewn little quilt in a crazy pinwheel pattern. I love the bright colors! 

I grabbed this little baby for less than $5! I'm thinking I may use it as an embellishment for a distressed frame or mirror- still working that one out in my head.

I'm obsessed with these pillow cases! I'm wondering it they'd be too much as a part of a bedding set with the quilt I bought, though. But with two little girls, I'm sure they'll get plenty of use at some point!

Behold... the coolest thing I think I've EVER seen. I can't begin to describe how much I love this thing. It's metal, it's red, it's rusty, and it's just soooo cool. It's made from old metal signs and has a washer welded on the back so I can hang it on the wall easily. Love, love, love!!!

***UPDATE: My husband says the welds on the winged heart are crummy, but at this point, it's so pretty that I'm not too concerned with it's structural integrity ;) Maybe this means I can talk him into making me something just like it that's more "sturdy" when we get home. Because really, what's the use of having a husband that can weld unless you get some lawn art in the process...right? Who's with me?!?! (Joking sweetie, but really... will you make me more?)