Friday, June 21, 2013

My Morning Coffee Dilemma

I'm a person who loves hot coffee. Scratch that- I'm a person that NEEDS hot coffee. There's nothing in this world that I hate more than a cup of lukewarm stuff, especially when I'm stumbling around in the morning after a long night with a teething baby. But I also love to add lots of milk, which doesn't do much for my coffee's temperature.

So, what's a girl to do? Instead of  turning to the microwave (who needs an extra step in the morning, anyway?) just add your milk directly to your coffee maker!  After measuring and pouring in your desired amount of water to make coffee, just measure how much milk you'd want for the whole pot and pour it into the pot. The hot coffee will drip right on top of it, and the heating element under the pot will keep the whole concoction steamy-hot. Brilliant!!

Look at that beautiful baby right there! Now excuse me, I'm going to drink the whole thing.

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