Saturday, August 3, 2013

Homemade Welding Hat

Everyone, please make yourself comfortable and grab a snack, because I'm about to tell you a little about my husband. Make that gush...

My husband is amazing. He's brilliant. He's the best husband ever. He's a fabulous father. He makes the best fried eggs. He makes me feel pretty. He eats dinner even when I burn it black. Ok... that's from a Shania Twain song... but you get the picture. I think he's pretty great.

 He is also CRAZY handy. Seriously, I've yet to find something that he can't fix. So what does a wife with a few spare hours and some scrap fabric make him as a "Thanks For Being So Amazing" gift? How about a pretty cool camo welding hat?

For those of you that don't know, a welding hat is something that welders wear underneath their helmets to keep the sparks off their necks and the sweat from their eyes. It's basically a backwards baseball cap. They oftentimes come in crazy patterns and colors and run anywhere from $5-$20 if you buy it premade. I used about a half yard of fabric and a little scrap of fusible web to make mine, so it probably cost me about $3 and about an hour to make. I'm only a beginner at sewing, so if you've got a nice stash of fabric stored up and some know-how, this would take nearly no time and no money to make something really cool.

I didn't have the truck that day, so I did a quick web search for a welding hat tutorial. One of the first links that popped up was this photo file from Flickr that had a free, easy-to-size printable pattern that I decided to give a try. Welding Hat Pattern and Instructions

The really cool thing about this pattern is that it has a sizing scale right on the page, so you can increase or decrease the size right there on your printer without any trouble. And I like trouble-free!

Probably because I'm a beginner, I found the instructions for constructing the crown really confusing, so I just made two "bowls" and then attached them, wrong sides together, with a topstich to form the outside of the cap and the lining. Other than that, the instructions were fairly easy to follow. This was a quick project that I could easily get done before naptime was over ;).

And here is the finished product!

It's definitely not perfect, but I'm pretty proud of it! 

Aaand... if you just want a sassy little baseball hat, just flip that baby around and rock it (my dad says I should make them for Britney Spears, haha).  

I think my husband will love it! 

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